Why go Bottlefree?

Going Bottlefree brings many benefits to you, the environment, and your organization.

If you are currently subscribing to bottled water delivery for your office or consuming single-use bottled water daily, here are a few reasons why you may want to change your water consumption habits by switching over to bottleless water coolers.

Better for your organization

  • Free up valuable office space as there is no need to store any bulky water bottles
  • Increase productivity by reducing accounting and administration work
  • Save your company money with an unlimited supply of purified water for a fixed low monthly rate

Better for the environment

  • Eliminate the need for bottled water delivery, reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reduce energy consumption in producing, recycling, and reproducing plastic bottles
  • Decrease overall plastic bottle waste

Better for your wellbeing

  • Operates in a closed system (no direct contact with air), removing the risk of aerial bacteria, germs, or dust to contaminate your drinking water
  • Eliminate the lifting of heavy water bottles and the potential risk of injury